Faculty & Staff

The faculty of Saint Matthew School is comprised of thirty-two females and three males, all of whom represent the best of the teaching profession.  Seventy-five percent of the faculty holds a Master's degree and/or special certification.  The school employs eighteen full-time classroom teachers, one kindergarten assistant, a learning specialist and eight enrichment teachers.  The Saint Matthew teachers have 641 combined years of teaching experience.

Our teachers show their commitment to excellence through their professionalism, and they work together closely with a shared vision to improve student achievement.  Our teachers are dedicated to the development of the whole child and therefore employ instructional practices which ensure that all students reach their maximum potential. 

Staff Directory



 Pastor, Father Mark Sappenfield - frmark@stmattewtn.org

 Principal, Mr. Tim Forbes - tforbes@stmatthewtn.org

 Program Assistant, Mrs. Susan Hawkins - shawkins@stmatthewtn.org

 Curriculum Director, Mrs. Gina Griffith - ggriffith@stmatthewtn.org

 Advancement Director, Mrs. Lori Bellante - lbellante@stmatthewtn.org 

 Technology Director, Mrs. Dawn Spiegl - dspiegl@stmatthewtn.org

Pre-Kindergarten Director, Mrs. Holly Ledieu - hledieu@stmatthewtn.org 

 Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Michele Donnelly - mdonnelly@stmatthewtn.org

 Secretary, Mrs. Cindy Schiller - cschiller@stmatthewtn.org



Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Shannon Welborn - swelborn@stmatthewtn.org

Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kathy Davis - kdavis@stmatthewtn.org

  Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Rachel Coode - rcoode@stmatthewtn.org

 Kindergarten assistant, Ms. Patty Gentile - pgentile@stmatthewtn.org

 Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Kim Proctor - kproctor@stmatthewtn.org

 Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Susan Rider - srider@stmatthewtn.org


 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Angela Coleman - acoleman@stmatthewtn.org

 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Angela Hultman - ahultman@stmatthewtn.org


 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Sarah Lawson - slawson@stmatthewtn.org

 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Lauren Lombardi - llombardi@stmatthewtn.org


 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Mary Ann Beavin - mbeavin@stmatthewtn.org

 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Cindy Burns - cburns@stmatthewtn.org


Grades 4-5

 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Kristina Tons - ktons@stmatthewtn.org

 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Kelly Paulus - kpaulus@stmatthewtn.org

 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Mandy Hayden - mhayden@stmatthewtn.org

 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Sherrie Hill - shill@stmatthewtn.org


Grades 6-8

 Middle School Language, Literature & Religion - Mrs. Barbara Rowley - browley@stmatthewtn.org

 Middle School Language, Literature & Math - Mrs. Greta Coleman - gcoleman@stmatthewtn.org

 Middle School Math, Mrs. Patty Richards - prichards@stmatthewtn.org

 Middle School Literature, Language & Religion, Mrs. Kelly Cassidy - kcassidy@stmatthewtn.org

 Middle School Science, Mrs. Vicki Dooley - vdooley@stmatthewtn.org

 Middle School Social Studies, Ms. Molly Shanley - mshanley@stmatthewtn.org

 6th grade Religion, Mrs. Monica Kelsey - mkelsey@stmatthewtn.org  

 Middle School Math, K-5 Science Enrichment, Mr. Jim Finnegan - jfinnegan@stmatthewtn.org

 Enrichment Classes

 Art, Mr. Andrew Rose - arose@stmatthewtn.org

 Athletic Director and Physical Education Teacher, Mr. Brian Price - bprice@stmatthewtn.org

  Band, Mr. Jereme Frey - freyj@fatherryan.org

 Band, Mr. Jeff Schletzer - schletzerj@fatherryan.org

 Learning Specialist, Mrs. Christi Spain - cspain@stmatthewtn.org

 Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Charlotte Keeney - ckeeney@stmatthewtn.org

 Library, Mrs. Katie Hubbuch - khubbuch@stmatthewtn.org

 Music, Mrs. Laura Holderman - lholderman@stmatthewtn.org

 Physical Education, Ms. Libby Crow - lcrow@stmatthewtn.org

 Spanish, Mrs. Carmen Lampley - clampley@stmatthewtn.org

 Technology, Mrs. Mary Dams - mdams@stmatthewtn.org

Lunchroom Manager, Mrs. Lisa Newman - lnewman@stmatthewtn.org