Fall Sports

cross countryCross Country

Saint Matthew Cross Country is an extra-curricular sport offered to students in kindergarten through 8th grade.  It is the only sport in which kindergarten, first and second graders can participate. Practices are held at various times depending on grade level.  All practices are supervised by volunteer coaches under the direction of the Saint Matthew Athletic Director.  Meets are held on Sundays in September and October.

Cross Country is a fun sport for all skill levels and teaches students habits for lifelong wellness.  The focus is on preparation and personal goals.  Personal best records are kept and achievements are celebrated.   


Saint Matthew offers football as an extra-curricular sport to students in the fourth through sixth grades. Practices take place at Saint Matthew School three times per week.  All practices are supervised by volunteer coaches under the direction of the Saint Matthew Athletic Director. Parochial league games take place on Saturdays.

Fourth graders are encouraged to participate to gain a knowledge and understanding of the game. Fourth graders are typically separated from fifth and sixth graders in contact drills to minimize the chance of injury. Separate games are scheduled for fourth graders with select fifth graders included. This provides for a controlled environment to gain comfort with the speed and contact associated with the game.


Participating in football teaches athletes the importance of hard work, perseverance in the face of adversity and the value of teamwork.

Volleyball (7th & 8th)

Volleyball is an extra-curricular sport offered in fall to 7th and 8th grade girls. Practices are held at Saint Matthew three times per week and matches are played at home and at other schools in the area.  The season culminates with an end of season tournament.


Cheerleading (8th)

Saint Matthew cheerleading is a no-cut squad open to 8th grade girls.  No prior cheer experience or special skills are required.  Practices take place twice per week on Tuesdays after school and Sunday afternoons.  The squad cheers at football games, pep rallies, Service Day, the White Out, and on other occasions on an as requested basis.  Cheerleaders also learn a routine for the variety show held during Catholic Schools Week and often compete in the Diocesan cheerleading competition, held at the end of October at Father Ryan or JPII, on a rotating basis.

  Cheerleaders learn about teamwork and the value of each team member's contribution to the group’s success.  They gain valuable skills, such as discipline and performing in front of a large group.  Cheerleading is a great opportunity for those who are planning to try out in high school to get in some experience before tryouts and is also a chance for those not planning to try out in high school to be on a cheer squad with their classmates.  

Registration fees cover hair bows, socks, competition registration, and a team clinic held in the summer.  Girls provide their own white cheer shoes, navy spandex and long sleeved white shirt.  Saint Matthew School provides uniforms and pompoms.  Open gyms are held in April, May and June and practices for the season begin August 1.  Cheerleading runs for the entire school year but events are heaviest from August - October and in January.